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May the Best win hardly or smartly….

February 1, 2019

Dear Reader,

I don’t know how many of agree with me that doing hard work is time wastage. Yes, but let me complete my statement I mean to say hard work is ignored and smart work is always appreciated.

Success is like target where we have to reach earliest and its journey is via hard work to smart work if once its delay has to pay or suffer for a long time. Many characters are there with us on our journey like competition, time, finance, management etc we have to take care of everyone to complete our journey.

The competitive environment always pays the priority to smart work, not hard work. Today’s demand is to do smart work efficiently. There is a saying that we should move ahead with time if we won’t we will be left. Smart work is the time saver and helps to keep us always update with time.

In success marketing & promotion also plays a vital role. Yes exactly if we do hard work but we don’t promote it or do publicity of it all the hard work will become like a piece of stone but smart work with help of marketing & promotion helps to polish this stone (hard work) and to make it a valuable diamond.

Promoting the work is not wrong it’s just showing our capability & efficiency and everyone has a right to prove themselves. Many examples are available which Co-relates to my statement few of them are products promoted by celebrities, services promoted by top-level authorities & there are much more. Social media acts as a strong bridge for marketing or promotion of anything it has more effect comparatively to print media it is because due to an activeness of society on social media is on a vast scale best e.g. is Twitter.

Finally, it can be concluded that instead of doing hard work pay emphasis on smart work and promote it as much as possible so that finally you can achieve long-lasting success and your journey from hard work to smart work ends on success.






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