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Story of a Helping Hand and A Painkiller

July 30, 2019

Dear Reader

I have heard people saying hey just relax, forget the past and move forward. Don’t stuck yourself to old sad memories be brave enough, daring to take new steps and many more such motivational speeches, lectures, quotes, etc.. I am sure you have also been suggested by someone to move forward without any regrets of the past in your life.
I agree it’s good to step forward without any regrets after all its life and it will go just with the flow we can’t do twist and turns according to our requirements and wishes.
But do you think it’s just as simple as these motivational speeches?
No, it’s not, and not at all. It’s easy to give free suggestions.
Okay just think is it possible for a person to start a new life after a road accident in which he not only lost his hand but also his family??
I don’t think so it’s easy, after all his schedule will be changed because he won’t be able to perform his all activities just the same as he used to do before, same is with human emotions we can’t just forget everything by snapping the fingers, its human nature and we need time to heal it or just to learn to defeat the pain.
This topic is just like a long lasting debate without any conclusion but I could like to conclude with the statement that just move forward after all bad days and defeat the pain and as the time will pass, you will be a winner, your experience will make you stronger and you will be a helping hand to those who will face same situation just as yours, you will not only help them to come out of all the mis-happenings and the feeling when an emotional shattered person will say thank you because you helped him to come out of regret and pain this thank you will become more than a word and it is most powerful pain killer.

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