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Navigation of Life.. But with whom ???

April 23, 2019

Dear Reader

Today I wish to share my unique views on the interpretation about guidance and interference, after all these days I was observing this merely. Basically, it is developed into a trend in the society that people interfere and name it as guidance, which is misleading enough. I am not pointing on any particular individual or relationship but it’s all that I noticed. You would have also faced circumstances where people or so-called near and dear ones would have been interfering in your life a lot and stating that just chill, what you want to do, continue with it I was just guiding you or sharing my opinion, and later we truly turn to doubt a decision which is absolutely immoral and injustice towards our situation.

Getting influenced by someone is different but modifying or doubting on your selection is something else and we indeed require figuring out the necessity of it. I never mean that we should quit taking guidance or suggestions, it’s perfectly fine to appreciate someone’s advice, if a person is truly bothered about us.

Actually, I won’t add these characters in society as being social but I will prefer to say them as elements, yes- social elements, you might concur with my explanation or may not be.

We usually read motivational, inspirational quotes and messages stating with the subject live your life on your own terms and conditions, after reading it we perceive the sense of heroism and considered fine let’s lead with it. But the practical situation is just vice verse of it and when it appears in front of us to show the strength, we quit and actions fluctuate. People influencing your decisions and individuals concerned for you and sharing their experience and guidance is altogether different just like grease and water.

So we demand, to understand that who is manipulating our opinions, whether they are honestly anxious for us, whether they genuinely grasp the situation we are dealing with, whether they surely want to help us out of this dilemma or it’s just a show-off? I personally realize that if we can ascertain the answers of these questions accurately, formerly it will become smooth for us to sort out the situations and being confident about the decision or stand we are holding.

There are many individuals who won’t have any idea about the trauma you are passing through, neither they would have dealt with such a condition or have any sense referred to your trouble but they will consistently be ready 24*7 to interfere in your life and at the conclusion will provide it a name as guidance. These type of individuals after interference just want gossiping stuff for a time pass…

But beware of these elements… I would recommend at an initial stage only if you softly or bluntly explain them to stay away from your life situations will become flexible in the prospect. I can sense it’s not so easy taking this decision but it’s not impossible also.  Before it turns into immensely late initiate with categorizing individuals engaged in your life leading you guidance and individuals who are interfering before they overwhelm your life and suspect on your decision-making strengths. Guidance in our life should always be just like a icing on the cake…


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