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June 27, 2019

Dear Reader

Let us know about these three interesting days-

20 June- World Refugee day on 4 December 2000, the United Nations General Assembly in Resolution 55/76 decided that, from 2000. Individuals and community groups are encouraged to mark the day by attending a local World Refugee Day event, watching and sharing World Refugee Day videos, and raising awareness for refugees on social media.

21- June- World Selfie day the first time World Selfie Day was celebrated was on June 21, 2014. It was started by DJ Rick McNeely as a way to get people to enjoy taking selfies of themselves and to do it in a creative way. Not long after he invented it, the holiday took off.

21 June- World Music day the first all-day musical celebration on the day of the solstice was originated by the French Minister of Culture, is an annual music celebration that takes place on 21 June. On Music Day the citizens of a city or country are allowed and urged to play music outside in their neighborhoods or in public spaces and parks.



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