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No Need to Evaluate My Personality

March 29, 2019

Dear Reader,

What is Judgment?

Initially, it can be defined as the ability to make a considered
decision. But the question is which decision, for whom this decision is?

It’s in human attitude to give suggestions, conclusive decision or we can the final decision whether it is requested or not. For some its best way of utilization of time. Decisions are declared without knowing any past, present or future or references. And these misinterpretations results lead to a disgusting change. It’s quite strange that why we get influenced by others’ judgment and try to change the decision or it can be said that stranger’s judgment affects us in such a manner that our self-confidence is lost and everything seems to be blank.

How can someone dare to decide criteria or parameters for others? Respecting others’ opinion, listening to them, accepting comments or likes & dislikes a positive revert is a part of sportsmanship, but to quit with the decision
for others is not fair enough. It’s quite easy to manipulate someone’s decision and is done by spare gentry class.

No one can pressurize an individual to change decision unless & until he agrees. Judgement is making sensible conclusions instead of doing any blunder. But the question arises why we get influenced? Just because
we are social animals. Sometimes decisions are manipulated by near & dear ones and so to make them happy we
start assembling our life accordingly to them further moving to more nuisance. To judge someone starts from early life stages, for e.g. selecting the subject for studies, then on career further carried into personal life & much more. Here the individual is just a robot who is directed by others and if he tries to breathe as a living being to use his senses, he is evaluated and by the chance, some negative happen blame is tagged with his identity and this is a very crucial stage where individuals himself give off. Everyone wants credit for good & for bad dear readers further, we all know the story.

The conclusion is that never get influenced by others judgment be your bookmark only never give anyone a chance to redirect your life as well as never judge others because the raw thing we all know.

Dare not to give chances to evaluate your skills or life.







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