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May 19, 2019

Admission Time:-Confused Parents.

Dear Reader,

A few months before only admission hunt is completed I found few strange things, so I thought of sharing with you.

Season of school admissions when arrives parents are confused that where, how perfect school should be selected for their child’s future growth because in this tenure only child’s future is nourished it’s just like brought up of a seed to a fruitful plant.

Every year more than 25 lacs kids all over India step in school to become a scholar from a student. But these days a plate of formalities is served to parents with a spoon of confusion. The best example is a trend of interviews with parents before giving admission to the child.

Reservation quota is also flashed; it seems like fighting for an election ticket. Online registration of forms gives a little relief to parents who can’t stand in a long line to submit an admission form this relief is just like serving vegetable soup to the lion.

High-class expensive schools put the complete effort in marketing & promotion of their school as a top school in the city. No doubt expensive marketing plans attract parents. Features like economic studies in best environment & a long list of toppers, activities conducted in past are presented in a pictorial form on expensive designer sheets, called brochure.

Media also plays an important role in it like the publishing of front page full size about school & its features, advertisement in local TV channels is also promoted. Tall buildings with AC classrooms, AV rooms, labs are highlighted this scenario seems to attract a child with a lollipop. In the fight of high gentry’s school & simple schools middle class & economically weaker section has to suffer they have to compromise with their dreams in eyes for their children’s. At the same time their many good schools but due to poor marketing strategies & lack of funds they don’t come in limelight or we can say that they are unable to run in the group of others schools but as it is said that race goes on no one waits for others to join.

There should be common admission schedule for admissions whether it’s for high-class society or middle class & economically weaker section. In short, we can say criteria for admissions should be the survival of the best not the marketing of the best. Let’s see coming year what is the ratio of admissions in high-class schools & simple school???






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