About Us

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Unique Views. It’s all about U, I and We.

I commenced my blog writing journey with Blogspot (a blog writing platform or a blog publishing service hosted by Google). But there I was losing something or U can say the X element was missing.

While writing on Blogspot I learned many skills, collected valuable reviews from readers too, on the other hand, I realized that my readers wish to explore my skills, my creativity more. They have acceptations with me so I elected to divert to madhuniqueview.com

Now,PROJECT SULEKH  has been introduced in Madhu Unique Views. Project Sulekh is an individual effort by me to promote writing and reading skills. To know more about Project Sulekh and how you can contribute in it view Project Sulekh page.

I can just simply outline that to know better about me, my writings, creativity U have to be in the shade with UV.

UV is not restricted to some defined readers only U (readers) can somewhat comment, advice about subjects on which U wish me to create blogs. Whatever touches my heart and mind, I will share in the way of writings with U (readers) experiences, motivation, inspiration, stories, poems, and much more will be part of UV.

Clear to follow, the positively fundamental language is adopted for writings so it can relate to any group of readers.

Guest posts are acknowledged. Hindi blog writing is not so popular but here at UV Hindi language readers can enjoy few featured readings in Hindi.

Timely may unique innovations will be boosted in UV. If any query related to UV, please feel free to ask.

Check out our official You Tube channel Sulekh- The Healing Therapy and keep updating yourself.

Need to study once then only can be judged exclusive way.

Happy  Reading